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soft guys: meet ryan

Artist, designer, and model Ryan Scails is just one of the guys we were lucky enough to photograph for our launch. He embodies the Soft ethos in every way, from his calm and confident personality to his cool, unfussy personal style. At our shoot, he walked in wearing clothing he designed: a boxy linen T-shirt with large pockets along the hem. “I wanted something that could hold all of the essentials—a sketchbook, a pencil, and maybe a snack. Just not my phone.”

Ryan has pretty incredible skin, so we were curious to hear about his routine while he prepped for the shoot. “I don’t really have one!” he admitted, “but I just bought toner for the first time. It feels like it’s doing what it’s supposed to do. And getting a manicure for this shoot was really nice—I was like, wow. I should do this more often. There’s no reason I shouldn’t go and get a manicure.” (That’s his well-manicured hand in a few of our product shots, FYI.) “I definitely don’t get bogged down by the ‘gendered’ stereotypes. What I think is bizarre is when any brand says it’s only ‘for men,’ or that their products can only be used by a certain type of person… That’s off-putting to me.” (That’s why Soft can be used by literally everyone—it’s a complete myth that men and women have drastically different skin.)

As for his self-care ritual, Ryan tends to find his ritual in physical exercise, like soccer. “I try to meditate, but I’m not the most consistent with it. A lot of that gets done when I’m stretching, because I tend to have a lot of tension,” he says. “Leaving New York can be really good, too—I was in Joshua Tree earlier this summer, and to be away from the traffic and all the senses of New York… It was really nice. And I think the arid environment was pretty great for my skin, too.” Consider it a reason to book a trip out west later this winter when things get frigid here in NYC. Follow Ryan on Instagram at @scailsis and stay up to date on his new brand at @livincloth (and prepare to see a lot more of him on our website!)