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listen to our guided meditation


How do you meditate? It’s a question we’ve heard countless times, but there isn’t one hard and fast answer. Our friend Gater insists there’s no “right” or “wrong” way to meditate, and it’s not something you can be “really good at”—a notion that might bewilder the hyper-competitive New Yorkers out there. As soon as your mind starts to wander, you think you’ve failed, but what we love about Gater’s philosophy is how open and accepting it is. She believes that just by showing up, sitting down, and simply trying to calm your mind, you’ve already succeeded.

She knows a thing or two about managing stress and the need for balance, too. After a few hectic years of working in magazines, she realized she felt her best when she was in group fitness classes, so she left her editorial job and began training to become a cycling instructor. Later on, she experienced a debilitating running injury that refused to subside, so she gave in to a friend’s recommendation to try meditating. Like clockwork, she finally began to feel better; needless to say, she’s been practicing ever since.

Indulging in the ritual of skincare is our goal here at Soft, so we asked Gater to record a 15-minute meditation just for us. It will soothe your mind and body, whether you’ve meditated once or 1,000 times. After you’ve smoothed on your Moisture Mask, find a comfortable seat, press play, and breathe.

You can stay up to date with Gater's meditations and classes on Instagram at @citygater.